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The hair transplant clinic of Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Pakistan specializes in Fue procedure for men & women in Pakistan. Balding can be very challenging because it can greatly affect your social life. This is why you should take drastic measures to cure this problem. One of  way to treat baldness  is undergoing a surgical hair restoration. It is a surgical procedure that involves removing a small portion of the scalp to obtain donor grafts. Due to the fact that most balding area are in the front, the new extracted grafts will be able to grow. The procedures is performed by professional technicians using high-powered microscopes and then prepare the scalp for implanting.

Preparing yourself for the surgery is very important because many patients don’t understand that the success of the procedure usually depends on them. The patient has to be healthy and eat food that consists of vitamins to prevent any further baldness. Age can also play an important factor because individuals in their mid-twenties are most likely going to solve the problem in the future. Your surgeon will usually have a personal meeting with you before and after the surgery. Before the surgery, the surgeon will explain to you all the details about the procedure. This is very important because many patients are usually nervous before the surgery and this will help in comforting them. After the surgery, the surgeon will explain to you what you can do to take care of  and avoid any further hair loss. It is essential that you conduct the research about the surgeon that will perform the operation. Not only will this ensure that you will receive great results, but it will also ensure that you won’t waste your time and money. Hair transplant in Pakistan and abroad  is a great option for hair loss as long as the patient knows how to have enough care. Keep in mind that the implants are very delicate and need additional care.

Latest Trend of Baldness Treatment and Cost in Pakistan 

Even though this surgery is extremely effective, it is also very expensive at the same time and this is why many people consider it as the last option.. This is why you need to be very patient because it will definitely be worth it when you find out and get the transplant done. Patients will definitely be impressed with the results and their result will look natural. This will also help them in restoring their confidence again. You don’t have to wear caps or spend money on wigs any more because this surgery will completely change your life. What is latest trend for baldness treatment? – mostly people demand more information about  Fue procedure as it is without any scar and no more stitches and discomfort as with strep hair restoration procedure. The major advantage of Fue hair transplant in Pakistan ,it is cheap and economical when we compare other developed countries .Due to low currency value one can get best quality hair transplant  in Pakistan for best surgeon like Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.

Hair transplantation in Pakistan

After 5 years procedure performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MD (Paris),MBBS(K.E),Visiting Associate Professor in France

Pakistan hair transplantation

Hair restoration was performed 2008, before picture