Bad Hair Transplant Correction

 Bad Hair Transplant Correction methods 

Bad hair transplant correction methods depends upon previous mistakes or faults in the procedure.There have been many methods which are used for hair restoration such as large plug grafts which end up creating a doll’s head look on a person. These large plug grafts resulted in producing comparatively higher density of hair than the other natural hair in the surrounding. FUE is the correction method which can be used to completely rectify the disasters of bad hair transplant. With the use of FUE hair transplant, the previously planted hair can be removed first and then can be placed on the other area of scalp. The size of the grafts should be considered important as the size of the punch would also be in accordance with this. If the proper sizes are not chosen by the unskilled physician then it can lead to scarring. Bad hair transplant correction can also be done with the use of laser by removing the hair which is not transplanted correctly.Except that, the technique of Camouflaging can also be used without the removal or re-distribution of hair by hiding the abnormal looking grafts. In this technique, smaller follicular units are placed in front of abnormal grafts which replace the abnormal look with the overall natural look. Micro excisional graft removal is also used for the removal of grafts and re-distribution of smaller follicular units. In this way, such grafts are removed and divided which appear to be out of the place.

bad hair transplant correction

Doll’s eye appearance


bad hair transplant repair designing

Marking & designing for correction by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry


Bad hair transplant repair Lahore Pakistan

Bad hair transplant repair through FUE method


hair transplant correction results Lahore Pakistan

Correction result after one year by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Bad hair transplant correction method care and requirements

This procedure must be carried out with essential care as it can cause the damage to follicular units as well. It doesn’t require removing the grafts entirely but it can be done by placing them in more natural arrangements. Different scars on the scalp can also be removed by the use of FUE as it causes the scars to be less appearing. These new techniques can soften the frontal hair line and re-frame the face. The correct sizes of the grafts are used behind the unnatural looking hairline which causes the abnormal plugs to disappear. In this way, a simple sort of surgery can help getting back the normal and natural look. In today’s world, the hair transplant has become undetectable. There is not even compulsory for the surgeons to use the grafts that are spread out in a way that looks unnatural. Smaller grafts are used in order to pack the grafts tightly in a way which won’t result in permanent plugs due to the loss of hair in future. FUE and FUT both are equally good for the correction method but the use of FUT leaves linear scar in the donor area and it takes a lot of time to heal while on the other hand the use of FUE leaves no visible scarring and recovers quickly. For different people, the treatment should be different according to their different bad hair transplants. It is important to consult the right person for the right treatment which would result in getting the excellent results later on. So, the bad hair transplant is not a disaster anymore and due to new technology, it is now possible to make corrections without having any negative side effects.

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