Body hair transplant

Body Hair Transplant clinic Lahore

What is body hair transplant (BHT)? It is a procedure in which hair from different parts of body i.e. chest, arms, thighs etc. are removed and planted onto the scalp where extensive hair loss is happening. This is considered as very good treatment because hair from all over the body other than scalp can grow successfully on scalp. The outcome of this treatment is very satisfactory. Now-a-days, people are going bald frequently and the remedy suggested by physicians is hair restoration surgery. Sometimes when people are suffering from extensive baldness on scalp and they want very thick and dense hair on scalp and the donor hair are less, and then body hair use could be the only option. When baldness is very extensive and scalp-hairs are not available to make the hair dense, then hair restoration surgeon can suggest you for this procedure. Body hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is performed by most experienced and best hair surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. It is most effective technique to cover the full bald patches on head. The scalp-hairs are always not enough to cover those areas so people opt for this technique. It would not be bad to say that BHT is the only technique that is capable of growing hair on complete bald patches on scalp. This technique is used when there are limited donor hairs on scalp of patients.

Chest hair use for baldness treatment by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry
  • When the donor hairs are very limited on scalp then this is the only technique available to cover your baldness. Right now, there is no such method available in which we can genetically replicate i.e. clone your hair. Hair cannot be received from other donor either. This means that we cannot use hair of some other person. So now body hair use to head will remain the only option.

As we discussed earlier that BHT can be the only opportunity to regain the lost hair on scalp, but this comes with some disadvantages as well.

  • Extracting donor hair from scalp is already very time-consuming and extracting hair from body will make it more time taking process. However experienced surgeons will make this procedure easy due to their expertise and routinely performing it. Body hair transplant in Lahore is performed at Cosmoderma clinic sometimes may take one to three days procedure depending upon number of grafts requirement.
  • The quality of hair on body is also not same as the quality of scalp-hair. The texture, color and lengths of body hair vary from parts to parts. Also, hair on our scalp are in the form of grafts, which means that they are present in the form of 1-5 hair groups. These grafts make the hair of scalp look thick and dense. On the other hand, hair on our body are not in form of groups, they are single. That is why the outcome of BHT is not as similar as natural scalp-hair.

Does body hair transplant in Lahore worth it regarding results and success? Yes not all hair clinics or doctors can perform it. It is better to choose Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry trained and qualified from France with more than 20 years hair restoration surgery experience for this procedure. The best way to get most of body hair use and make it worth is to use the arrangements of hair from different parts of body. Although the texture and color of body hair does not match with scalp hair but usually beard-hair are a good match. Regardless of the above mentioned disadvantages, body hair use is still getting popularity among people with extensive hair loss and less scalp donor hairs. This is far most the best treatment available to cover bald patches.