• FUE hair transplant Italy

    Hair transplant in Italy is available in all major cities like Milan Naples Venice and Rome. FUE treatment is preferred in most of the countries. In Italy, there are many clinics and surgeons that are dealing with this treatment. Patients can get the best treatment from his country.Italy is a populous country that is located in Southern Europe and bordering five countries. Capital city of this country is Rome that remained the religious and political center of the world for the centuries.  It has an important role on development of Western Civilizations. It provides the best quality of living to its citizens. It is famous in the world for its history, culture, and economy and military. It is also one of those countries that are providing the best health care system to its residents. Patients that are suffering from hair loss and baldness can go for transplantation treatments. Traditional hair restoration surgeries are available in Italy since last century. But after the emergence of latest follicular unit extraction treatment, it becomes the first choice of the bald and hairless patients all over the country. The treatment got the popularity in the country because less pain and bleeding are involved during the method. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the scalp. Surgeon uses a punch like instrument to make incisions around each follicle. When the follicles got separated from the surroundings, they are pulled out from the donor area of the scalp. They are inserted back into the balding areas o the scalp. Due to less scarring in the scalp after this surgical treatment, Italian people like this hair loss solution. In traditional method, a linear scar remains on the scalp for the life time of a patient. But after this surgical procedure, tiny scars left on the scalp that can be easily concealed by further hair growth.

    Many clinics are there in different areas of the city that are exclusively providing FUE hair restoration treatment to the patients. These clinics are updated with all latest instruments that are used in performing the surgery. Patients can find these clinics from various search engines. Google can help them in finding about the list of the clinics located in the country. They can get a list of hundred clinics within ten seconds. Patients can also search about these clinics on various hair loss and hair restoration forums. On these forums, they can ask from the previous patients about the best clinics of the country. The clinics also provide the latest surgery in which robotic devices are used. The treatment is customized according to the needs and requirements of a patient. Both men and women can get this surgery from the country.

    Patients can also find the expert and talented surgeon to perform  hair transplant in Italy on their scalp. There are many experienced surgeons in Italy that can perform a correct surgery on the patients. Most of the surgeons have got the years of experiences in big hospitals of Europe. All of them have relevant specialization degree in this field. Patients can get free consultation from the surgeons in the country. This help in making the decision about the surgeon from which they want to get their treatment. It is advised to the patients that they should check the before and after surgical video or photos of the surgeon. Patients can get the glimpse of the result by viewing these photos. They can also make decision whether they are looking for this treatment for their baldness or not. Most of the clinics have their own official websites that helps the patients in finding the contact number and addresses. They also have list of the surgeons working with them. Patients can also make consultancy with the surgeon through these websites. They can also find the information about history of a clinic by visiting the website. FUE Hair Transplant in Italy is also costly as in the other parts of the Europe. Patients can find the cheap hair restoration clinics that can provide them best surgery on a low cost. Hair transplant in Pakistan is low cost while maintaining international standard. Average cost of hair transplant in Pakistan ranges 1500-3000$ which is not possible in Italy.

  • Hair transplant Tunisia

    Hair transplant in Tunisia to help those that are suffering from hair loss and baldness and want to get a permanent solution. These treatments are available on a reasonable price from the city. Patients can obtain different methods of hair restoration surgeries. Tunisia is officially recognized as Republic of Tunisia and it is one of the smallest country located in north of Africa. It is an industrialized and modernized country. It has membership of Arab league and association with European Europe. An effective health care system is there in country that provides basic treatments to the patients. Those who are suffering from baldness and hair loss problems can find hair transplant in Tunisia. These surgeries are only permanent and effective hair loss cure. It helps the patients in getting their hairs back on the scalp. It is especially helpful for those who are suffering from male pattern baldness. All methods of hair implant surgeries are offered in the country. Patients can get the surgeries from leading hair or cosmetic surgery clinics.  The two methods that are commonly found in the country are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In FUT, hair follicles are harvested from the scalp in form of a strip of flesh. These follicles are dissected under a binocular microscope where they got separated from each other. There remains a donor scar in the area from where these follicles are extracted. In second method follicular unit extraction, hair follicles are extracted one by one form the donor area. This is preferred hair surgical treatment these days because there is less pain and bleeding involve during the treatment. If the patients get restoration surgery through this method, there remains no linear scar on the scalp.

    The cost of hair transplant  in Tunisia is less as compared to the European countries. People from different countries came here to get a cheap hair restoration. It is estimated that thousand hair grafts through traditional strip surgical method can be achieved in two thousand Euros. The second method is expensive and it is as twice costly as the traditional strip surgical method. Patients get treatment in this country to save their up to fifty percent money. They can get the same high quality surgery as they can get in some renowned clinic of the United States or Europe. Many hair loss clinics are there in the country that can help the patients in getting a correct hair surgery. These clinics can be searched with the help of internet. Patients can find a list of these clinics by searching them through a search engine. They can check the official websites of these clinics to find information about the history and background of a clinic. They can also check the costs from the websites. Some patients want to check about the result of a clinic or surgeon before treatments. They can check the before and after photos and videos through these websites. Hair loss forums are also there to guide the patients in finding the best clinic in this country. Patients can also get to know about the experiences of various patients from the blogs and forums. They can also request them to guide about the top hair restoration clinics of the country.

    Hair transplant surgeons in Tunisia have years of experiences in performing these surgeries on the patients. These surgeons are specialized in this field. They can help the patients in getting a good surgery with minimum side effects in the end. They also customized different methods for both men and women according to the needs and demands. They have membership of various hair loss and hair restoration societies. The basic consultancy sessions are provided to patients without any charges. Those who are coming from aboard can get consultancy form the surgeon by making an online appointment.  It is important for the foreign patients to arrange for their visa, hotel and travel expense before getting Hair Transplant in Tunisia. These charges are apart from the total fees of surgery. However people prefer to travel other cheapest destinations hair transplant Pakistan is an ideal destination for low cost Fue hair restoration.

  • Hair Restoration Clinic Oman

    A lot of people in Oman have the problem of baldness .  Several clinics offer these facilities in the country. Many people have got natural healthy hair back through hair restoration in Oman or abroad  or the scalp surgery. Oman also known as Sultanate of Oman is an Arab state located in Southwest Asia. It shares borders with United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Historically, Oman is a kingdom and struggled with Portugal and Britain for control over Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean. During its rule in 19th century, they had power from Strait of Hormuz to Iran and even the present Pakistan. Later on, when their control was reduced, United Kingdom had a great impact on the country though it never became an official state of Britain. The country has mature armed and political relationships with United Kingdom and United States along with its independent foreign policy.  The country’s parliament has few powers. The country’s economy is dependent on oil industry and its one of the developed Arab countries around. The problem of baldness is present in people of the country including both men and women. Men most commonly have the baldness pattern in the scalp which is also called “androgenic alopecia”. For the patients suffering from aforementioned disease, daily hair fall is up to hundred strand every day.  But the situation can be different as well.  If the hair loss is more than that, such people should see a specialist immediately. If the hair fall problem is in the early stage, there is a good possibility to get treated with the help of medicines. In the later stages, it becomes worse and almost impossible to stop .

    For the purpose of hair restoration, people in Oman have many solutions available which do not require surgeries. These are traditional years old ways of treating this problem. Some people go for herbal and homeopathic treatments too in order to re grow their hair from the scalp. In case of medication, only two medicines are allowed by United States FDA.  But these are beneficial only for the people who have just encountered hair fall.  First one is called Finasteride, which has a great use for men having pattern baldness. The quantity is two milligram tablet every day. The use of medicine results in normalization of DHT hormones in body. These hormones control hair fall during androgenic alopecia. The other medicine is Minoxidil, which is also beneficial in restoring the hair. Usually it’s a kind of lotion or foam that is used on scalp. Patients can use this medicine on the portion having active problem. The good thing about these drugs is that they are really low cost and cheap enough to be afforded by everyone.  For results, it is necessary to use them every day for few months or else the anticipated outcome will not be there. Oman is one of developed countries and here people are very busy in their lives. It’s really hard for the people living in the country to get enough time to use these drugs every day and restore their hair. Most of the people go for hair transplant surgeries because of these reasons. Surgical treatments proved to be really effective for baldness. Specialized clinics are there and expert surgeons do the surgeries. In Oman, patients can easily locate good quality clinics. There is a lot of related information available at the internet. Usually friends, colleagues and family members guide each other in these matters. Several forums are also useful while searching for a good clinic.

    The country has all advanced technologies and instruments for hair loss treatment. Clinics are technically advanced and perform procedures in a clean healthy environment.  Many experiences experts are there who are involved in these operations. They try to minimize the treatment side-effects. Those who are looking for an advice or opinion regarding their hair restoration surgery can get a free of cost advice. Operations performed previously by the clinic are also helpful in evaluating its quality of surgery. Most of the clinics keep pre and post-surgical photos of their patients. Hair restoration in Oman are of two types. The very common one is known as “Follicular Unit Transplant”. This is one of the old ways of surgery using a trip surgical method. Here all the follicles are taken at one time from one area. The second method is relatively latest and is called “Follicular Unit Extraction”. In this type, individual  follicles are taken. It results in less pain and scars after surgery. Hair Restoration in Oman is an expensive treatment and a lot of money is spent to get a good treatment. Now-a-days people go to countries like Pakistan in order to get treatment at a low cost.

  • Hair Loss Treatment Cost Isalamabad

     Hair Loss Treatment Cost Islamabad Worth it?

    Everyone that is suffering from baldness and hair loss is always in search of a permanent treatment. Hair transplant is a treatment that can give you permanent hairs back within a few months. This treatment is accessible in Pakistan like all other countries. It is affordable and economical treatment in the country. Pakistan is one of the developed countries of South Asia that is located near Arabian Sea. It is also one of the most populous countries of the world. It is famous for its unique culture, diverse languages, cuisines and heritage. Though basic health facilities are not provided to many of the citizens, but you can find the high quality treatments in some cities. You can obtain all type of cosmetic surgeries including hair restoration . Such kind of surgeries are the most effective and permanent baldness treatment in Islamabad . You can find this treatment in many cities of the country. These treatments are usually expensive and cost high as compared to other herbal and medicated treatments. Hair transplant cost Islamabad is not as high as compared to the high developed countries around the globe. Within last few years, prices incurred on such surgeries have lower down significantly. This is due to a high competition in this industry. This competition makes it easy for bald patients to get this procedure on a very low cost, but with excellent results from some clinic in his or her area. You can find famous and renowned clinic in big cities of the country including Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar. In these clinics,  surgeons are charging a reasonable amount of fees to give you hair back on the scalp.

    Different clinics calculate prices  depending upon their own calculation method. In a few clinics, they offer all customers a same package regardless of their baldness level. Most of clinics charge according to the number of grafts or follicle  that are needed by patients. Online graft calculators are on the internet which can help Pakistanis to check the estimate price of their treatment. They can also ask about price estimation from their surgeon. Initial consultancy in almost every clinic of the country is free of any cost. Patients only need to make an appointment with the surgeon before their arrival. In this session, surgeon makes a detail examination of their scalp. He informs the patient that how much grafts he will require and in which areas of the scalp. After this, he can estimate the accurate price of over all hair treatment. This is the most authentic way to get an accurate estimation of hair restoration surgery.

    Average cost of follicular unit transplant or traditional strip surgical method ranges from seventy thousand Pakistani Rupees to one hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees. Average rate of a single FUT graft is from forty to seventy Pakistani Rupees. Follicular unit extraction is much expensive than traditional strip surgical method in Pakistan. It is estimated that average rate of a single FUE graft ranges from eighty to one hundred and thirty Pakistani Rupees. This price is very less as compared to that charged for hair transplant in United States. You need to have four thousand to thirty two thousand dollars in the United States if you want o get this procedure. Due to the low prices of hair restoration surgeries in Pakistan, people from developed countries of the world are coming here to get treatment. Health visas are obtainable these days and they help bald patients of developed countries to get their treatment on a very low cost in Pakistan. They do not only get hair restoration surgery on a fewer price, but they also get the high quality treatment same like their own home country. Thousands of tourists and foreigners got their excellent hair restoration treatment from Pakistan every year. You can find such clinics that offer a very low Hair Transplant Cost in  Islamabad Pakistan. You should inquire and investigate about such clinics offering a low price hair loss treatment in Pakistan.

    Male pattern baldness

    Male hair loss pattern

  • Hair Transplant China

    Hair transplant in China

    China is one of the largest economies in the world and in recent years there has been an immense growth in the fields of industry and medical facilities since a lot of people prefer to travel to China in order to get medical treatment. The country is a large part of Asia and while it has many large urban centers, a good proportion of it is still rural and indulged in farming and cultivation. There are many clinics and hair transplant surgeons in China that are related with cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures are becoming popular and the number of people turning to cosmetic surgery for aesthetic improvement is increasing and therefore there are hundreds of procedures performed by surgeons. One of the most important and highly sought after procedure is the hair restoration surgery. Hair transplants were initially started in the 1950s to cover hair gaps and scars in the head resulting from accidents and burns. Due to the successful results of this procedure, it became a cosmetic procedure and people started using it to improve the way they look. Hair transplants have evolved since their creation since the earlier methods produced unnatural results and plantations appeared as if many hairs are coming out of a single hair follicle. This produced a ‘doll’s hair’ look, which has been improved now. In many earlier methods the candidate’s scalp appeared bumpy and looked strange, however, the newer methods produce neater and natural results. The procedure is done in two basic ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The strip method involves removal of a strip of hair from an area of god hair growth and then this strip is planted on the bald patch after being dissected into smaller units. This leaves a scar at the site from where hair strip is removed. The scar can be covered by the hair growing in the surrounding region. The FUE method is more progressive since it has been improved further. It involves the extraction of individual hair follicles that are then planted on the bald patch one by one. Since the hair follicles are planted individually, the results are more natural and the hair follicle remains intact and gains nutrients from the scalp, which is well supplied with blood capillaries that bring in nutrients to the hair. The hair restoration is by far the most result yielding and permanent cure of baldness. Many other non-surgical methods of hair restoration exist but they demand a daily routine of medicines and topical application of lotions. These routines are laborious on a daily basis and the results are not fast therefore many patients lose patience or become irregular in the routine and therefore it does not work. Hair transplants are available in all countries nowadays but it must be reminded that a person looking for a good hair transplantation should do some research before getting treatment. This way, they can select a surgeon who is well reputed for the job and has experience in treating patience of different ethnicities.

    Fue hair transplant China

    Fue hair transplant

  • Hair Transplant in Belgium

    Hair Transplant in Belgium

    Belgium is a developed European country which is adjacent to France. It has a huge French impact and therefore the love of fashion and aesthetics is also seen in Belgium. The cosmetic procedures and treatments are widely in use in Belgium. The hair has always played an important part in fashion and this is why people suffering from hair loss get worried about this condition. Due to an increasing number of people suffering from hair loss, there has been much advancement and many methods have been introduced during recent years. The medical researchers and scientists have come up with many methods for the purpose of restoring hair growth. These methods have been introduced in the developed countries of Europe and America. Belgium also has advanced medical facilities and therefore there are qualified surgeons who can perform quality hair transplantation surgeries. The surgical procedure is much preferred due to a one-time hassle that it causes as compared to years of laborious routines that need to be followed as part of the non surgical treatments. Hair fall treatments have proved to be successful; however the extent of success may vary. Some non surgical procedures only stop hair fall but the damage that has been done is not reversed. Hair transplantation surgery is the only procedure which totally covers baldness and is so natural that it is undetectable. This treatment was initially formed to conceal and treat areas that had no growth or disturbed growth due to accidental scars or birth marks. Later on, due to the success seen from these treatments, the procedure began to be used as a cosmetic surgery procedure. Nowadays, hair transplant procedures are being performed almost everywhere due to the wide demand by people. Apart from this the cost of the procedure has reduced over the years due to competition among cosmetic surgeons and doctors who offer such treatments. Even then, in European countries like Belgium, the cost of hair transplant surgery is exorbitant. Some countries provide cheaper hair transplants than others, such as Pakistan which is famous for its successful surgeries and less cost. However, the final cost of the surgery is totally dependent upon the candidate, as to where he wants to get his hair transplant from. Hair transplant is basically done in two ways; Strip harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The Strip harvesting involves removal of a hair of strip using a sharp instrument. The area from where the strip is removed is then stapled together using stainless steel staples specially made for surgical purposes. There is a scar left from these staples on the wounded area. The strip harvested is then dissected in to smaller units and these units are then planted on the scalp where there is little or no hair growth. FUE is the more complicated and result yielding procedure. In FUE, the surgeon removes individual hair follicles from an area on the scalp with good hair growth. This is usually the back of the head or above the ears. Then, tiny incisions are made in the bad patch and these hair follicles are then planted into these incisions. The hair follicles set into the small hollow and start to grow in the new position by receiving nutrients from the scalp. The marks left after FUE procedure are minute and are easily covered by hair once the hair growth normalizes. There are very few side effects from hair transplantation such as swelling, headache, and itching and hair loss. This hair loss is not something to worry about because this is only temporary and is seen after all kinds of surgeries.

    Hair transplant in Belgium is done using the latest techniques and methods and therefore many people avail this surgery. However, the cost of this procedure is comparatively higher than in countries such as Pakistan.

  • Hair transplants

    Hair Transplants

    Hair transplants have provided a successful treatment for hair loss, which may be caused by many factors such as illness or genetic set up. Hair transplant involves the extraction of hair from an area that has good hair growth and to plant these hairs on to the bald patch that has little or no hair growth. The newly planted hair gain nutrition from the scalp and start to grow normally on the part that previously had no hair growth. Hair transplant is a delicate procedure and should be done by a surgeon who is skilled and has the precision required for this kind of a surgery.

    Hair transplant is done in two main ways; Strip harvest and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The former procedure requires removal of hair in the form of a strip from a patch that has good hair growth. This strip is then dissected into smaller hair units and is planted on to the scalp where there is no growth or the existing growth is scanty. The procedure is short and is done by using local anesthesia on the patient. It ensures relief from a bald look that has caused many people to feel under confident and shy. Strip harvest s not recommended for everyone, especially if the kind of hair implantation needed requires higher number of grafts. Apart from this the chance of extracted hair on the strip to become lifeless and lose viability are greater than the chance of losing hair grafts during the FUE procedure. The strip of hair is removed using sharp cutters and then this wound is stitched back using surgical staples made of stainless steel.

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a process which is more technical than strip harvesting that it involves the hair follicles to be removed individually under local anesthesia; this kind of micro removal of hair follicles uses tiny punches. Each hair follicle is then individually reinserted in to the scalp area that has no hair growth or very scanty hair growth. The incisions on the bald patch are made using a micro blade. Since individual hair follicles are removed, the punch scars that remain on the donor area are negligible and can be covered with hair length. Due to the same reason, the post-surgical pain is also minimized. As no stitches or staples are removed, the recovery time for FUE is much shorter than strip harvesting. The FUE hair transplant is fully recovered within 7 days. Hair transplant surgery is available with many clinic but one thing that a candidate must keep in mind is that they should do all kind of research prior to the surgery. Once the surgeon is consulted, the candidate must be prepared for the procedure and must also know what to expect after surgery. Usually all the hair that is transplanted is shed off due to shock, however, within a period of three to six months, the hair growth becomes normal.

  • Cheap hair transplant Pakistan

    Cheap hair transplant in Pakistan (Lahore) comparison with different hair loss treatment clinics.There was a time when all cosmetic surgeries were considered expensive because of the kind of simple lifestyles that people were leading. Nowadays, as resources are increasing and people are becoming more and more affluent, cosmetic surgeries and other treatments are within reach. This has of course led to a competition among cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic service providers and hence a further decrease in the cost of these procedures is observed. However, it cannot be said that cosmetic surgeries such as hair transplant or plastic surgery are inexpensive. Some countries are much cheaper than others due to the level of availability and the quality of services. The countries in Southeast Asia are cheaper for hair restoration than the United States or Europe. Pakistan is considered as a medical hub since the experience of surgeons and medical doctors on the whole is more than that of the doctors abroad. Other than this, the kind of services available here are of the same level that is available in European countries. One reason for this is that the cosmetic surgeons and technicians have studied abroad or have been trained by others who have been affiliated with foreign medical associations.

    The person seeking cheap hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore should do some research on their own in order to conclude which is the best available option. In case of hair treatments, some things have to be kept priority and uncompromised in order to yield best results. The first thing is that the quality of the hair transplantation should be good, secondly the candidate has to seek a clinic that offers a comfortable environment for the procedure and the foremost is the surgeon that is selected. There are many good doctors available in Pakistan who offer flexible payment plans to their patients but do not compromise on the quality of the hair surgery. There may be many surgeons who are not skilled and do not have well-equipped facilities for their patients and may demand more money. Cost-effective options have to be searched in order to gain satisfactory results. Generally in Pakistan, the cost on a hair transplant can be as low as $ 500. But the quality of job must be seen and the surgeon chosen must have a history of successful procedures and satisfied clients. Usually, cosmetic surgeons charge for the procedure according to the number of grafts, however, since there is a healthy competition in the market, most of the clinics in Pakistan do not charge a consultation fee and offer cheaper packages according to the candidate’s resources. There are also many seasonal offers that are introduced to encourage people to get hair restoration and benefit from the low costs. Not only does this kind of competition improve the cost effectiveness of the treatment but also the quality of the treatment provided. In the local currency, cheap hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore is available between Rs 75,000 to Rs 140,000. The kind of method used can alter the cost of the procedure but generally, this is a good price for lifelong relief from baldness.

    Cheap hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore

  • Hair transplant surgery Pakistan

    Hair transplant surgery in Pakistan is becoming more common and popular since the number of people suffering from hair loss is increasing. Apart from this, gradually people are gaining resources and hence a treatment that was considered out of reach is now possible for a lot of people. So both these reasons combine and form a ground for hair loss treatments to be offered to masses. Pakistan is praised for its advanced medical field. Not only normal medical procedures are considered better, but also the standard of cosmetic surgeries and treatments is considered high. In Pakistan, we observe a trend of increasing medical tourism. Medical tourism is seen when people belonging to developed countries move to lesser developed countries in order to receive certain medical treatments. The main factor for this kind of tourism is of course cheaper treatments, while the kinds of facilities available might not be as great as they may be in the candidate’s native locality. However, in the case of Pakistan, the most interesting thing about medical tourism is that the quality of the procedure as well as the cost of the procedure is appreciated and thus the trend is becoming more common.

    Some main cities of Pakistan are famous for their cosmetic surgery clinics. The most common of these cosmetic procedures is hair restoration. It is a procedure that is chosen by members of both sexes, who suffer from hair loss and disorders that cause hair loss. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are some major cities that offer good hair surgery procedures. The level of treatment is high since most surgeons are associated with European and American medical associations. The hair restoration methods are decided by surgeons according to the candidate’s individual kind of baldness and expectation of results. The grafts are carefully collected from hairy areas on the scalp and these follicles are then planted on to the bald patch. The surgeons may be lesser in number and hence they deal with a high number of cases on a daily basis, which in turn is a plus for their experience and skills. It is most recommended that every person seeking hair transplant surgery in Pakistan must explore all options and make a choice that suits them best. Apart from this, the surgeon chosen must be skilled and experienced because as with all types of treatments, most of the procedure depends on the surgeon’s skills and experience. We have seen many cosmetic surgery clinics prosper in Pakistan due to the demand of this kind of treatments in the country. Some of these clinics might be more popular than the other and any candidate must ensure that he or she chooses such a clinic that is well-reputed for the quality of services provided. It may not be wrong to say that Pakistan is rapidly becoming a cosmetic surgery destination for many people around the world who seek a good hair transplant in Pakistan with positive results and a smooth and comfortable procedure. Poplar treatment at our clinic in Pakistan :-
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  • Fue hair transplant in pakistan

    Fue hair transplant in Pakistan Cost

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant involves extraction of hair follicles from an area of good hair growth, and then transplanted on to an area that has scanty hair or is bald. The hair follicles are extracted individually. Each hair follicle is removed with some part of the skin that surrounds it. This requires a great deal of skill and expertise. These individual grafts are then planted on the bald patch in the same pattern that is visible in the existing hair around the bald area. Tiny incisions are made, and then the graft is placed in it. The biggest advantage of FUE is that there are no recovery marks or scars on the patch from where hair was extracted. FUE method is performed under local anesthesia and is a comfortable process for the recipient. In Pakistan, there are few surgeons who can successfully perform FUE hair transplant. Generally, the medical facilities and services available in Pakistan are much better than many other countries and it is not wrong to say that it has one of the best doctors and surgeons. This statement stands true for cosmetic surgery as well. Some cosmetic surgeons in Pakistan and foreign trained and have a vast experience in their field. There is an increased trend of medical tourism in Pakistan and people from all over the world come here to seek treatment for hair loss. FUE hair transplant is not every surgeon’s specialty and there are fewer surgeons who can perform this procedure since it requires not only skill but also an artistic hand. The surgeons charge according to the number of grafts and in Pakistan, the best cost for an FUE method is around 1 euro per graft. This is much cheaper than many surgeons who offer FUE treatment. Apart from cost effectiveness, one must observe the clinical facilities available and the expertise and comfort level from the staff at the clinic as well. After observing all these aspects, the candidate must choose a surgeon or clinic that fulfills all their demands and expectations. The cost of hair transplant is generally high since this kind of a surgery requires care, high level of skills and an artistic hand. All these qualities are found only in a surgeon who has good experience and it is accompanied by a well-trained group of technicians and staff.

    The FUE surgeon who will charge a reasonable fee will also ensure natural results with no empty patches and a dense pack of hair. This guarantee in itself is worthwhile since it ensures a lifelong solution to the baldness that may otherwise cause a lack of confidence in any person. The FUE surgeon always shows surgery results to his patients in order to prepare them about what to expect. This whole process is not temporary and provides permanent results, however, in case a patient is not satisfied, the surgeon completes follow up sessions to correct whatever dissatisfaction is caused.