• Hair surgery before and after

    Hair surgery before and after pictures make it easy for choosing hair transplant surgeon and clinic in Lahore-Pakistan. Hair restoration treatments are the most sought after procedures due to the need of hair growth and increasing cases of baldness. However, there are many things that a candidate must know before going for a hair surgery. It is advisable that the candidate does a bit of research in order to be sure about what the procedure is all about and what to expect from the surgery. Usually, once a person makes up his or her mind, they consult a surgeon. The surgeon decided what the level of treatment needed is and how many sessions will be needed to complete the procedure. This decision is discussed with the candidate, along with preparing the recipient and informing him of the procedure. Simultaneously, the surgeon also finds out what the candidate has in mind and what kinds of results are they looking for. After the pre-surgery discussion is held, the hair transplant surgery begins. According to the individual case, the surgeon carries out the method agreed upon. In case of strip harvest, the patient has to lie face down while the strip is removed from the back of the head, where the hair density is most. This is done while the patient is under the effect of local anesthesia. After the removal of the strip of hair, the patient may take a break while the strip is dissected in further smaller units by technicians. After this, the patient is kept in a sitting position while the surgeon plants the donor hair on to the bald patch. In case of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) the donor follicles are taken out using a sharp instrument while the patient is lying down and then, after a very short break the doctor makes small incisions on the bald patch and plants the individual hair follicles. Depending on the number of grafts, the duration of the procedure or number of sessions may vary with individuals. However, the surgery is done in very easy and comfortable conditions and allows the patient to utilize the surgery time to read or watch television. After the surgery is completed, the patient might experience some numbness in the area due to the effect of local anesthesia.

    A post surgery care routine is written down for the patient to follow. Mostly, patients can carry on with their daily routines since the surgery wounds are not major and their mobility is not restricted. However, some surgeons recommend patients to keep an easy routine for a few days following the surgery. Simple pain killers and antibiotics are prescribed in order to heal the surgery wound and reduce pain. The patient might experience slight headache and redness in the operated area. Apart from this, slight swelling and bleeding is also experienced. These side effects are minor and can be eliminated by a little care. Usually all kinds of side effects finish off within a few days of surgery. The most worrisome side effect is the loss of hair, which causes many patients to get uncomfortable and believe that their surgery failed. This hair loss is in fact a temporary one due to the operation. New hair appears within a period of three months.

  • Pakistan Hair Transplant

    Pakistan hair transplant clinic offers different hair restoration packages. It is a known fact that the medical services and treatments provided in Pakistan are world class and have been equated to those in developed western countries. Similarly, the cosmetic surgery and treatment available in Pakistan is up to the mark and is considered good. In all the major cities of Pakistan, hair transplant surgeries are being done successfully. Hair transplantation is the process of extracting hair from a hairy patch and then planted it on a bald patch, from where the hair grows normally. This is a popular cosmetic procedure which requires caution and skill on the part of the surgeon. Usually done in a single session, this procedure requires post surgery care, which is recommended by the surgeon, along with some basic medicines to avoid infection and pain. Hair transplant may be done n two basic methods, depending on the type needed to suit the candidate. In Pakistan, both types of hair transplants are done commonly and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is considered more skillful  is done quite widely. This is since the people who opt for such a treatment suffer from a higher degree of baldness and only then refer to a surgeon. In Pakistan, the trend is such that people do not seek surgeries in order to correct a minor problem, this is why, in most of the cases, the amount of grafts to be transplanted is large. However, the cost of hair transplant in Pakistan is much lesser as compared to that in the developed western countries. It may be kept in mind that a cheap hair transplant might mean that the quality of the job is poor and the results have been compromised. However, in Pakistan, due to the experience of doctors, the results are mostly satisfactory and in case there is an unsatisfied patient, the surgeons hold follow up sessions in which the problem is corrected. These sessions are mostly free of cost. The hair transplant procedure is administered under local anesthesia and therefore the patient is awake during the whole process. The clinical facilities and comfort level matter a great deal and in Pakistan, the clinics are generally beautifully decorated and made comfortable for the patient. Every surgeon requires a good team of technicians and it has been observed that most of the surgeons practicing in Pakistan have a well-trained team to assist the procedures.

    Pakistan is developing fast in terms of medical advancements and some surgeons provide new technologies for hair transplant. These technologies ensure that there is no incision marks, and multiple sessions are not needed in order to complete the procedure. The cosmetic industry is growing and new techniques are being used to make it easier for patients to get the desired results without much hassle and in a comfortable environment.

  • Cheapest hair transplant in the world

    Cheapest hair transplants in the world with prices as low as 200-1000 Euro is just like a dream come true. As, these surgeries in the past used to cost people a bucket full of dollars. The prices of hair transplants vary from country to country around the world depending on various factors such as the technique used, duration, the choice of doctor and the number of grafts during the transplant.

    Comparing methods:The two major and popular methods used are FUE (Follicular unit excision) and FUT (Follicular unit transplant). In FUE, hair follicles are extracted from one part and are inserted to the bald area whereas, In FUT, strips of hair are excised and then transplanted to the bald area. Nowadays, if we compare two techniques, FUE method is more used as it is painless and almost gives natural look.
    The prices of these two are also different. Price varies according to the grafts of hair to be transplanted. For FUE,Costs can be expected between £3,000 to £7,000. If we talk about the FUT hair transplant.You have to spend around £5,000 to £8,000 and less. It is usually considered as a more reasonable method than FUE. Another treatment is PRP in which patient’s blood is taken, processed and injected again in the scalp depending on the platelets condition.The cost of PRP treatment is around £200 per session so this is a reasonable and comparatively inexpensive method. Scalp micro pigmentation or hair pigmentation is the cheapest method if we compare all, in which the appearance of area is imitated through a tattooing process, sometimes used in combination with FUE. The cost of this method typically starts from £600 per session and can proceed £1,000 and included in the cheapest hair transplants in the world.

    Comparing regions:If we compare different regions with the cheapest hair transplants in the world, Pakistan is the top most country with the rates starting from 350 euros or 30 thousand  Rupees with Per graft price Rs 15 to 20.With the average cost of hair transplant in Pakistan starting around 30 thousand rupees and rising to an unbelievable least cost of $1550 in the USA you can save around 80% on the cost of your surgery simply by having it in Pakistan and that is unbelievable.Turkey is considered another country with cheapest rates as they start from £1,000 for FUE in Istanbul. Hair Transplant cost in the UK is on average £8000. UK hair restoration surgeries do perform it greatly but they charge a way more when it is compared to Turkey, also the method and treatment is almost same and usually better in Turkey. The average cost in Turkey for hair transplant is £1499.So if you consider Turkey for the treatment you can save on average 75% amount for the exactly same treatment. Many people consider Turkey to have their hair loss treatment for many reasons such as the experience level and the quality of treatment. Wonderful packages compared to their own country.

    So, if you want a reasonable and inexpensive treatment keeping in mind the cheapest hair transplants in the world, you can go for FUE in Pakistan, PRP or Scalp micro pigmentation as they both cost around £1,000.  FUE is the latest method with loads of advantages as it is scar free and pain free.

  • Hair Follicle Transplant Cost

    Hair Follicle Transplant Cost Lahore- Hair Loss Treatment Specialist.


    1,2,3 hair follicle

  • Much Does hair transplant Cost in Pakistan

    How much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan,every body eager to know its answer. Affordability is the major issue when it comes to hair treatments that are permanent and outlasting. But you never put a price on the confidence that gets enhanced with a beautiful and attractive personality. Hair loss is a major reason for depression and hurts the mental status of a person as well. A person is bound to limit themselves due to issues like baldness and hair fall. Avoiding public and getting overtly obsessive about how you look can be detrimental for your social life. However with the new and improved treatments like FUE and FUT methods, you are sure to find a permanent solution to your distress and emotional turmoil. Hair transplant cost Pakistan is not the heaviest price to pay for getting beautiful lush long growing hair. The treatment methods are followed worldwide and are considered to the panacea to baldness. Modern techniques have ensured that the doctors can find the primary cause of the problem and advice the best technique for treatment. Donor grafts are reliably the best method of growing hair that has the exact similar characteristics of your natural hair. Now you do not have to think twice on the quality of treatment because everything is perfectly coordinated on the doctor’s end for accurate results.

    Discover the new you with beautiful hair and put your best foot forward without having to think twice. You only live once and should not repent a single moment of your life thinking of negative thoughts. Hair transplant cost Pakistan is nothing compared to the gain you get with a pleasing personality. Meet your specialist today and get a consultation on the future course of treatment without any delay. You will find your time spent worthwhile when you see the magical effect of the treatment on your physical as well as emotional state.  Call 0333-430-99 99 For Free Consultation

    Cost of hair transplant in Pakistan

    Evaluation of baldness class and number of grafts

  • Laser treatment for hair loss

    Immediately after hair implantation

    Laser treatment for hair loss some facts. Getting rid of unwanted hair can be very frustrating because most of the methods will only provide temporary results. Techniques such as shaving take place manually and can cause a lot of damage for your skin. Even though you will be able to remove your hair using shaving, the hair will grow again within a couple of days and this is useless for a lot of people. This process has led people to look for other techniques such as laser treatment for hair loss. Not only is this method effective, but it will also provide you with permanent results that you can’t achieve with other techniques. There are thousands of private clinics that provide laser treatment for hair loss. The services provided in these clinics are unique and the procedure is often performed by professional surgeons.

    Laser treatment for hair loss includes warming up the roots of the hair using laser heat. This heat is usually focused on the areas that you want the hair to be removed from. The correct heat quantity will terminate hair follicles effectively without destroying or burning the skin. The procedure is very safe and won’t hurt at all so you have nothing to worry about. You will probably begin seeing results a few days after the procedure where the hair will start falling. However, you will still have to visit the surgeon to ensure that the procedure was successful. The rate of hair loss will usually differ from one person to another so you need to be very patient. For example, many people will experience an improvement instantly and others will have to wait for a month or two.

    It is essential that you conduct research about the different surgeons that perform laser transplant in your area. This will enable you to make a choice that is suitable for your condition and budget. Researching will only take you a day or two but it is of integral importance and shouldn’t be overlooked in any way. You should also have a personal meeting with the surgeon to understand the process and any precautions that you should be aware of before, during, and after the procedure. If the surgeon is professional, he won’t hesitate to answer any questions or inquiries that you have.

    There are a lot of methods that can be used for removing hair, but this is by far the safest and the most effective. However, there is a setback to laser treatment and it is the cost. Many people find laser treatments expensive but if you think about it, you will usually end up wasting money for nothing in return using other techniques or products. It is definitely better to invest in a procedure that will last for a long time.

  • Hair Transplant Cost

    It is completely normal to ask about hair transplant cost before you undergo one because this will enable you to understand where you stand regarding your budget. The answer is that hair transplant can cost you anywhere from $1000 to1$10,000 but this usually depends on several factors such as:-

    • Surgery type: – There are two types of surgery that you can undergo and they are FUT or FUE. FUT is more popular and involves a strip being cut from the front of your hair and then hairs are inserted into this strip. The benefit of this surgery is that you can insert a lot grafts during one session and this is beneficial for individuals who want to get rid of their hair loss problems quickly. The FUE involves inserting hair into areas that are balding and is considered to be more expensive because it involves more work.
    • Amount of grafts needed: – This usually differs from one person to another and your surgeon will be able to inform you about the exact amount that you need. For a start, you will usually need around 800 grafts if you are suffering from minor hair loss. On the other hand, individuals suffering from serious balding or hair thinning will need 3000+ grafts. Hair transplant cost is estimated depending on the amount of drafts you need.
    • The skills of the surgeon: – Just like any other professional, the best hair surgeons will usually charge more. For example, if you are planning to get the surgery done by someone who has treated celebrities, then you should expect to pay a very high fee. However, this doesn’t mean that you should settle for anyone just because the offer a low hair transplant cost. The best things you can do are research surgeons depending on your budget and then select one that has the best reviews.
    • Amount of sessions needed: – Many people will only need one session but individuals suffering from baldness will probably need more. This means that you will have to invest more. However, you have nothing to worry about because they are different ways that you can make payments. For example, many surgeons will allow you to pay for the first session and then pay the rest on a monthly basis.

    These are the most important factors that you need to take into consideration when you’re in the process of looking for a suitable hair transplant cost. The last thing you want is not being able to complete your sessions because you didn’t conduct enough research properly. This will also ensure that you won’t waste any of your time or money and that you will actually achieve the look you are looking for.

  • Cheap Hair Transplant

    Cheap hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan can be comparable to expensive hair restoration procedure performed abroad? Many people are currently face balding today and are looking for the fastest and most effective treatment available. The good news here is that you can undergo cheap hair transplant without worrying about your budget. However, it is essential to understand all the different options available because this will enable you to make the right decision. Hair transplant involves removing grafts from your head and then inserting them in the area that is balding using surgery. Other techniques can also be used but hair transplant is known for being the most effective one that has permanent results.

    Finding a cheap hair transplant usually depends on several factors such as the amount of hair you need and the surgeon performing the transplant. For example, you shouldn’t expect to find a cheap surgeon if you are looking for one who has performed surgeries for celebrities. However, it is always a great idea to speak to your surgeon because he will probably be able to find a payment plan that is suitable for you. For example, many of them will ask you for a large installment the first month and then you will be able to pay in monthly installments for the upcoming period. This is very beneficial for individuals who are on a tight budget and can’t afford to pay the cost of the transplant at once.

    Many people commit the mistake of not researching the clinic or surgeon performing the surgery. The main reason why they do this is because they only care about getting the transplant done at a low cost. However, this can be very risky and you might end up losing your money and time. You should never settle for an unqualified surgeon or an unhygienic clinic just because you are on a low budget. You will probably have to pay more money repairing the damage if the operation doesn’t go well. Researching is very easy where there are thousands of reviews written by previous patients online. This will enable you to understand the type of experience these customers had with the surgeon. The only people who won’t be able to find a cheap hair transplant in Lahore are those who are completely bald because they will need a lot of sessions before their hair begins growing again. It is essential that you follow the surgeon’s instructions after the surgery to avoid going through the process again.  The only additional expenses that you will have to incur after the transplant will be shampoos and pills. They will be used to increase the rate of hair growth. They are extremely affordable and can easily be purchased from any drug store so you have nothing to worry about if don’t have an idea about which ones you should get.

  • Hair Transplant Surgeon Lahore

    Hair transplant surgeon in Lahore is performing hair restoration with full confidence and comfort. Finding a best hair restoration surgeon in Lahore can be time consuming and exhausting because there are so many available. The pressure to find a surgeon and fix the hair loss problem can lead to individuals selecting anyone without researching them. This can lead to a lot of problems in the future such as wasting your time and money. There are factors that you need to take into consideration when you’re in the process of looking for a hair regrowth specialist in Lahore:-

    • Educational background:- The educational background of the surgeon you have in mind is important because this ensure that they have enough information and practice to perform your surgery effectively. Surgeons‘ should have a university level degree before they are allowed to perform operations. However, anyone can fake a medical certification which brings us to our next point.
    • Certification:- Every surgeon needs to be certified and you will usually find the certificate hanging in their office. You should never be fooled by a surgeon who has a lot of certificates hanged in their office because they might fake or from places that aren’t credible.
    • Patient’s previous experiences and reviews:- The best way to understand whether a surgeon is credible or not is by checking the reviews that previous patients left them. This can be done by researching online. However, you need to be very careful because there is always a chance that some of these reviews were written by the surgeon himself. This is why you need to check several websites and even try to get into contact with some of the patients to understand their overall experience. You should ask them about the experience they had once they entered the office till the operation was done.
    • Types of procedures used :- Even though every hair transplant surgeon in Lahore uses different techniques, there are two popular surgeries that they should know how to perform and they are FUT and FUE. Even though they might have different names, you should ensure that your surgeon knows how to perform them.
    • Treatment:- You will usually understand how professional the surgeon is by the way he treats you. For example, all surgeons should sit down with the patient before and after the surgery to explain to them the process and what they should to do to maintain it after it is done. If the surgeon doesn’t do this, then there is a possibility that they are only interested in the money.

    Following these tips will ensure that you find a best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore that will provide you with the surgery and treatment that you need. Even though this might take some time in the beginning, this will ensure that you will get the results you were looking for and actually get rid of the problem. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced surgeon in Lahore.

  • Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

    Hair loss causes and treatment  varies and depends upon etiology. There are different hair loss causes and treatment available and they usually differ from one person to another. However, understand the reason behind hair loss can help you in finding a treatment that is suitable for your condition. Some of the most popular hair loss causes and treatment are:-

    • Aging:- Hair loss usually starts between the ages of 21 to 50 years old. Even though many people lose their hair later on, this doesn’t mean that younger people won’t face it as well.
    • Using Cosmetic Chemicals: – Cosmetic chemicals are one of the main reasons why individuals can suffer from hair loss. This is why you need to try to avoid using bleaches and dyes all the time.
    • Medications and radiation: – Medications such as antidepressants and contraceptive pills can play a big role in hair loss. Other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation can also lead to hair loss.
    • Heredity:- Hair loss that takes place due to heredity reasons is known as alopecia. Although it is more common with males, this doesn’t mean that it won’t happen with females as well.
    • Imbalance in hormones:- When the hormones are unbalanced, this can lead to severe hair loss. Individuals who have a thyroid gland that is under active can also suffer from this problem.
    • Infections:- Infections are one of the main hair loss causes and treatment for it is really easy using shampoos and pills. However, it is recommended that you seek consultation from a doctor first so he can select a treatment that is appropriate for you.
    • : Menopause: – This can be a main cause of hair loss in women. Due to hormonal changes after menopause, some women find their hair begins to thin.
    • : Pregnancy: – Three months after delivering a baby, women may begin noticing that their hair is starting to gall. However, this is completely normal and it is due to the hormonal change that takes place in the women’s body during and after the pregnancy.
    • Stress and Nervous Disorders: – Stress is one of the main reasons why hair loss may take place but it is usually temporary and it will stop once the stress is over. However, it is also recommended to consult a doctor because you might nice additional healthy treatment such as zinc pills to get rid of the stress effectively and prevent it from coming back.


    The good news here is that most of these causes have effective treatments. Even though some of these treatments will take a longer time than others depending on the reason behind hair loss, all you need is a bit of motivation and patience to get rid of your problem effectively.