Hair loss treatment for women

Hair loss can be frightening and scary, especially for females. These are an accessory and a thing most females proud themselves on. Everyone loses hair. On average we lose fifty to hundred hairs a day. This may happen while brushing or during shower. This is just the part of a cycle and eventually new strands will grow to replace the ones which have fallen. But more serious hair thinning may need medical attention and evaluations and treatments by a dermatologist. Although baldness may seem a more prominent problem in males, females are nearly as likely to lose or have thinning hair. Most women notice it in their 50s but it may happen earlier for a variety of reasons.Physical trauma can cause temporary hair shedding. This may include car accident, surgery or even a common illness. This interferes with the hair growth cycle. “When you have really stressful event, it can shock the hair cycle, (pushing) more strands into the shedding phase,” explains a dermatologist in New York City. Similarly, emotional tragedy can also cause hair loss. It is less likely than physical stress but it can happen for instance at the death of a loved one or during divorce. Our clinic offers proper counselling in collaboration with psychiatrist and physician and in this way we are expert in hair loss treatment for women after proper diagnosis.

hair thinning female patient

Females also lose hair during pregnancy. It may be accounted as a physical stress which causes hair fall or the hormones released by the body. Pregnancy related hair shedding is actually after the birth than during pregnancy. The change of hormones when going off birth control pills or at menopause may also disrupt the hormonal balance and cause hair thinning. Irregularities in food and taking an unbalanced diet may also cause this problem. Taking in excessive amount of Vitamin A or the lack of protein may lead to this condition. Proteins are essential for hair growth and repair.

Fortunately, hair loss treatment for women at our clinic restore lost hair. Nutritionist advice to eat 3 ounce of meat a week to gain necessary proteins for hair growth. Minoxidil is an approved medication for female hair fall. It has a success rate or 81% and is available in liquid solution and tablets. It is a slow process and may takes months to effect. A new HairMax Laser Comb has been introduced. It’s a red light therapy hairbrush like device which increase circulation that makes hair. Any other treatment option is hair transplantation. It is done by uprooting hair follicles from one part of scalp and transplanting it to the affected areas. This is permanent procedure with natural results.Many women today are affected by hair thinning but by consulting the right doctor and taking the suitable medicines hair loss can be cured.