Hair Transplant Dubai

 Hair transplant in Dubai

 Hair transplant is the procedure in which hair follicles are used to get permanent hairs. In Dubai, you can find many hair restoration clinics and surgeons. They help the patients in getting the hairs back on the scalp. There are all hair restoration methods available in the city. Dubai is one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates. It is the most populated state of the country. Its economy is totally based upon the oil industry. It has also the world’s tallest building named as Burj Khalifa. Millions of travelers from different parts of the world visit this city every year. It is not only the most expensive city in Middle East, but it is also among the best city to live in the region. There are all health care treatments that are available to the citizens. Hair transplant treatments are also offered to those that are suffering from hair loss and baldness. These treatments are customized according to needs of both men and women. Many hair clinics in Dubai are offering the best hair restoration surgeries on the patients who came there for treatment. They can easily get the correct hair surgery in their own state without travelling to some other country. They follow all the international standards. They use all latest technologies involved during the surgeries. They have talented nurses and medical assistants who help the surgeons in dissecting and preparing hair grafts. With their help, patients can get an outstanding treatment from these clinics. Consultancy is provided to patients without taking any fee. They can also get online consultation for their hair surgical treatment. You can find that only licensed hair restoration clinics can offer their transplantation services to the patients.

Surgeons that are there in Dubai have years of experience in performing hair restoration treatment on their patients. Most of them are member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. They have also certifications of performing hair surgeries on the patients. They have got their specialized degree in relevant field from the renowned institutes of the world. They help the patients in getting minimum side-effects after the surgery. Most of them have more than twenty years of experiences in this field of hair restoration. They also give the fantastic results in the end. Patients can find the full range of procedures in the hair loss clinics. They can go for any of the available treatment that is according to their needs and demands. Follicular unit transplant or strip surgical method is there for the people who want to get a low cost surgery. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted in form of a strip from the donor area of the scalp. Those who want to get a scar free and less painful surgery can go for follicular unit extraction. In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted individually from the scalp. Such patients that have no hairs in their donor area of the scalp can also have option of getting body to head transplant. In theses cases, donor hair follicles are harvested from the different parts of the body. Manual robotic devices that are there to assist surgeon during the treatment are also present in many clinics. Patients can also get the surgery with help of these devices. The method of treatment is totally dependent upon the needs of patients and suggestion of the surgeon.

It is estimated that the total cost incurred on the hair restoration treatment in Dubai ranges from seventy three thousand to ninety three thousand Dirham. If the patients want to go for follicular unit extraction treatment, they need to pay one hundred and fifty thousand Dirham for the over all treatment. This city is one of those cities that are providing the most costly hair transplant surgeries to the patients. Only residents can afford these hair restoration surgeries. Those who are non natives have to go to some other countries for low cost treatment. Those who want to get Dubai Hair Transplant should visit the official websites of the clinics. They can find the best clinic and surgeon by taking the help of internet.

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