Moustache Hair Restoration

Beard transplantation, such as moustache are gaining popularity day by day worldwide, as it is a sign of masculinity.The FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction as used for hair transplantation is also utilized in moustache hair transplantation.This procedure normally takes three to nine hours, depending on the area treated and amount of hair required. During the procedure, the surgeon locates the area at the side of back of the head. This is used as the donor area for the moustache transplantation. Fine hair is normally required for this kind of hair restoration, these fine hair are located at the side of the head. If a person is bald or have no hair on scalp, then body hair can also used for this procedure, like hair from chest.Local anesthesia is used in this process. Once the donor area is selected, each hair follicle is taken out one at a time using “Punches” to cut in and around the follicle. The size of the tools depends upon the size of follicles required. The finer the hair is the smaller the punch is. This part of the process is very discrete and unnoticeable.Once this process is completed, local anesthesia is used on the moustache area. It is necessary that carefully one follicle is implanted at a time, at the right angle to give highest density and most natural looking results. This process is done only by an experienced surgeon by very carefully and skillfully.

Hair length is 1 cm in order to perfectly adjust the hair. Moustache hair has an interesting property, it always grow individually. Under the microscope, hair is isolated on by one, meaning follicles are divided into two or three parts. These implant than take place in fine incision of approximately 0.7 to 0.8 mm.The results of moustache hair transplantation by FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction are excellent. The results are permanent and completely look natural. The difference will be noticed immediately when the procedure is completed. As like other hair transplantation procedures, full results are visible after several months of the surgery. The hair will start to grow as like other hair on moustache.

If a person carefully follows the aftercare guidance of the moustache hair restoration, the side effects are minimal. General tenderness, redness and low level swelling may occur after the procedure.After the moustache hair restoration procedure is completed by FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, a person will be able to shave or style their moustache as what he likes. Sometimes hair shedding is possible, which is not a big issue. As hair grow naturally again in the treated area.The key difference in today’s moustache hair restoration surgery is that it has little or no side effects. Full, natural looking moustache transplantation can be done within few hours under the treatment of a very qualified and skillful surgeon. As with any latest surgical method, the recovery time is needed, but most men are pleasantly surprised by how fast they get all natural moustache.