Beard Hair Transplant

Beard hair transplant clinic Lahore

Hair has always been associated with the personality of a person. In women, long hair is a big part of their beauty, while in men, hair adds to their overall personality. Both men and women are suffering from hair loss diseases. Facial hair is very significant as they add a bit of masculinity and maturity to the appearance of men. Having a thick beard always leaves a strong impact. But some people have very little hair present on their face which affects their looks. It is what most of the men are facing worldwide.Facial hair transplantation is a procedure which is done on the face where the density of the hair is thin or absent. This procedure is most commonly performed on the goatee and mustache areas. It can also be performed at cheeks as well. Facial hair Transplantation is very use full in treating acne scars and other types of scars.


Beard hair transplant in Lahore by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

There are many reasons which result in loss of facial hair:

  1. Genetics
  2. Laser Hair removal.
  3. Electrolysis
  4. Surgery
  5. Burn
  6. Injuries

The main goal of this surgery are either the minor areas or it may be full restoration FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction technique is the most modern method for hair restoration. With this procedure, the follicular grafts are harvested from scalp similar to that of other hair transplant procedures. The new facial hair grows like normal facial hair. The texture and characteristics of the hair follicle taken from the scalp is similar in all properties like the original facial hair, the newly grown hair can be cut or groomed, as it is similar to the previous grown hair. Once the facial hair transplantation has been transplanted, new hair are permanent and difficult to distinguish from previous hair. For natural growth of the hair, carefully the grafts are transplanted at right angles and direction. The grafts are handled carefully while performing this procedure.

The method for hair transplantation continues up to two to five hours, depending upon the demand. Normally, this procedure takes place under local anesthesia. After few days of transplantation, small crusts develop around the transplanted hair. Just after one day of the treatment,   patients can start their normal routine. After four weeks, transplanted hair begins to fall and they started to re grow after four months. While most of the people are getting advantages from scalp hair transplantation, Facial hair transplantation is also increasing in popularity. However before undergoing this process, there are some things you need to know.

Facial hair transplantation is similar to scalp hair transplant. The timings are almost same. Hair which is implanted grows same like facial hair. Facial transplants do not mean only transplanting of beards, this procedure is equally use full to get moustache, goatee or side burns plantations, with normally no pain. The most important feature of all the transplanted procedure is that they are permanent. You have to go to an experienced surgeon for successful facial hair transplant, so that he can advise you the right after care of this procedure.Therefore It is a procedure which is advancing day by day.

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