• Real hair patch Lahore

     Real Hair Patch in Lahore

    Real hair patch Lahore is offered at our clinic. These hair will grow and one may trim these hairs. Our doctor will explain to customers regarding real expectation and discuss each and every aspect regarding implantation.Hair loss and baldness is a present among male and female. Such kind of hair loss treatment is very effective for thinning of hair as well. Hair thinning which leads to male or female pattern hair loss is not a depressing and problematic issue as patches of alopecia treatment is available in Lahore. This treatment is performed by various options like medical hair restoration:- use of medicines like Minoxidil spray, Finestride tablets, PRP hair loss therapy, Mesotherapy and ultimately FUT or Fue hair transplant in Lahore at our clinic. Below photos will show you real hair patch treatment in Lahore through hair restoration by foreign qualified doctor.

    Permanent Treatment in Lahore

    Permanent real hair patch treatment is performed by two ways commonly. If you can look below picture where Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed 4364 fue grafts in two days ,covered frontal ,mid and crown area through Follicular unit extraction procedure. Those who wan to get permanent hair loss treatment or patch work through least invasive technique may contact Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s hair transplant clinic in Lahore.

    Real hair patch Lahore

  • Transplantation hair Germany method fue

    Transplantation hair Germany method fue information- Follicular unit extraction is a latest hair restoration method where small punch like instruments are used to extract follicles from donor area. These punches sizes vary from 0.6 mm to 1.25 mm.Donor follicles can be extracted from back of scalp, body, beard,legs,abdomen,back and pubic area. Strip procedure of hair restoration in Germany or anywhere in world leaves linear scar, though tricophytic closure minimize this scar. However Fue procedure does not leave linear scar, rather in some cases rounded spots may be there. It is stitches and incision free procedure and people like it due to these reasons.

  • 1000 Euro Hair Transplant

    1000 Euro Hair Transplant is possible in developing countries due to low currency value.  There are many best hair transplant surgeons in developing countries and they have more experiences due to large number of patients are undergoing hair restoration procedure. To get mega session of Fue hair transplant in Paris,London,Belgium and other Western European countries is almost impossible. But one can get 1000 Fue grafts at affordable cost of 1000 euro in Pakistan. To get an appointment you may call +92-333-430-99 99

    1000 euro hair transplantCheap hair transplant EuropeFue donor area

  • Hair Transplantation Germany

     Hair transplantation in Germany is carried out in all major cities and Fue hair restoration is a modern form of procedure to treat hair loss and baldness. Germany is a developed country where all the latest techniques and methods of surgery are in use. However, the cost of these procedures is very high. The European countries and the United States is home to all the medical research and studies therefore all the new technological advancement and practical implementations are first done in the west and then followed in the eastern countries such as Pakistan. Cosmetic medicine has seen much advancement during the past few decades due to a high demand of aesthetic enhancements. Hair loss is an increasing issue that many people suffer from and in this field a lot of work has been done to bring about a change and restore hair growth. Out of all the methods introduced so far, the hair transplantation in Germany is most famous due to the fast results after a one-time surgery, which takes years of routines to bring about, in case of non surgical procedures. Hair regeneration surgery is the removal of hair from any area of good hair growth and then planting them on the balding region. This way, baldness is covered and the person’s self esteem and image is renewed. The hair implant surgery requires great skill and expertise on the surgeon’s part since it is these factors that bring out the best results. In any individual, the reason of hair loss may be different. So in order to get any hair loss treatment, the first step is to find out what causes hair fall. Once the problem is detected, the individual must get a cure for it. Hair fall may be caused by stress, poor nutrition or prolonged illnesses. In the case of stress, a person must relieve himself from worries and let hair loss reduce on its own before opting for surgery to cover the loss that has been done. Similarly, if poor nutrition has caused hair loss, the patient must take a good diet and ensure consumption of vitamin supplements to fill up any deficiencies. Once the problem is eradicated, the hair loss treatment can be applied. It is advised that every individual does some research about the procedure and the various surgeons available. This helps in choosing the right surgeon and awareness of the procedural steps helps a person have realistic expectations. These days, all surgeons consult the Norwood scale of baldness to measure and understand the level of baldness. This is a universalized scale to help estimate the number of grafts needed for full coverage of the bald area. If a patient is in Germany and a good hair transplantation in Germany is out of his reach, since the cost of this procedure is very high there; he can explore the Net and find cheaper surgeons in other countries. These days the concept of traveling to lesser developed countries for cheaper medical services is a common act. Also referred to as medical tourism, this is increasing in countries such as Pakistan, where good medical services are available at less than half the cost of these services in western developed countries. Once a good surgeon is chosen, the patient can easily arrange travel and accommodation plans. The hair restoration surgery is done in two basic ways, the strip harvest method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. Both methods are in practice in Pakistan, however, the latter has more demand due to its natural results. The hair surgery does not require a long healing period hence a person can arrange a short trip and get a result yielding procedure done within an affordable price. The side effects of this surgery are minimal and do not restrict a patient from his daily routine unless special conditions are seen.Hair Transplantation in Germany

    Hair transplantation in Germany is available with the latest techniques and facilities. However, all medical procedures are very expensive there and hence people prefer to travel to cheaper destinations.

  • Cheap Hair Transplant Germany

    Cheap hair transplant in Germany can not be lower than 7000 euro for medium session of Fue hair restoration procedure. We offer mega sessions in 2000 to 3000 euro. Germany is a developed European country where latest methods and advanced techniques are being used for hair restoration. The cost of all these methods is very high. Hair transplantation surgery involves shifting hair from an area of good growth to an area where there is thinning, or no growth. Usually, this procedure is done for the restoration of scalp hair, but can be used anywhere on the body. Due to an increased number of hair loss cases, this procedure has become popular since it is the only procedure which provides full coverage of bald patches without following long daily routines. The results of a hair surgery are fully seen within a period of one year while other treatments can only stop hair loss and do not ensure coverage of damages already suffered. Besides this, the hair restoration surgery provides a good chance of the patient’s self confidence boost and ensures a lifelong solution to baldness. This surgery is more expensive than other cosmetic procedures and in countries like Germany, the price is extremely high. Cheap hair transplant  in Germany is between 5,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros, due to which it is out of reach for a large sector of patients who fall in the middle class. Such patients always have the option of getting the surgery done from a cheaper place like Pakistan. In Pakistan, the cost of a hair transplantation surgery falls between 1,000 Euros and 1,500 Euros which is very affordable for anyone hailing from Europe or the United States. All medical facilities are very expensive in the west and hence many people turn to eastern countries for cheaper services. This is why the surgeons and doctors in Pakistan are very experienced. There is a large number of patients that enter Pakistan in search of a good surgery. Due to the extensive experience, the surgeons are extremely skilled and have a good rapport with their patients. The surgeons in Pakistan are famous for their amicable natures and this is a big advantage for the patient. They can ask questions freely and all ambiguities are cleared before the surgical procedure starts. It is easy for a patient in Germany to learn about a surgeon in Pakistan. This can be done by exploring the Internet and reading the testimonials of past patients. There are many blogs and interactive forums from where a person can gather information about a certain surgeon. The cost and the final result of the surgery are the two main factors that a patient considers before engaging a surgeon. The surgeons in Pakistan have a good reputation in terms of the successful results, with which the patient is fully satisfied. The surgery of hair transplantation is a meticulous process for the surgeon and there are several surgeons in Pakistan who are well renowned for their skills and artistic finishes.

    Best Methods of hair Restoration Surgery

    Nowadays, two main methods are used for the surgery, the strip harvesting method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. While using the strip method, the surgeon removes a strip of hair from an area of good hair growth and using a scalpel. This strip is then dissected into smaller units and then planted on the bald patch on the scalp. The FUE method uses the extraction of individual hair follicles that are then planted on the bald patch. Usually, the hair is removed from the back of the head, where the hair growth is better. The FUE method is more technical and also requires an artistic hand to plant the follicles in the same direction and pattern as that of the hair existing on the scalp. In Pakistan, both the methods are in use and the surgeons have good command over them and ensure the best results.Cheap hair transplant in Germany

    Cheap hair transplant in Germany is very hard to find and this is why people travel to Pakistan, where the results of surgery are as desired while the cost is much lower. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 16 years experience and French Board certified. He has East and west experience to treat patients so well reputed name regarding result and affordability.

    Hair Transplant Germany

  • Hair Transplant Holland

    Hair Transplant Amsterdam- Netherlands

    Hair transplant Amsterdam Netherlands is performed by hair restoration surgeons. This procedure can restore scalp hair through FUT as well as FUE procedure. However Fue hair transplant in Holland is offered most of clinic due to its popularity and minimal invasive nature.The price starts from 5000 euro to 15000 euro for follicular unit extraction procedure. Customers search on internet and find same procedure cost in Pakistan and Thailand between 2000 to 4000 euro. In Holland, medical sector is strong but the cost of many treatments is high. Holland is a developed European country and like other countries , it has the latest techniques and facilities available for its people.

    Hair Transplant cost in Holland -Netherlands

    The cosmetic procedures are generally much more expensive than the usual medical treatments and that is why in Holland, there are not a high number of surgeons and doctors for such surgeries. There are several medical centers and clinics which have multi-national branches in other countries as well as Holland, but the cost of their medical services is out of reach for many people. Hair loss has become an increasing issue during the recent past and therefore the demand for procedures such as hair restoration has increased as well. In Holland, many people suffer from this problem and search good surgeons but since the cost of such technical procedures is high in their country, many patients move to other countries such as Pakistan. Pakistan has become a popular destination for many patients from all over the world due to its cheaper medical facilities. Netherlands, Holland and other European countries have always been more expensive in terms of medical facilities since the currency rates and fee for surgeons and clinics is very high. The high taxes and insurance policies are also a factor that causes prices to be higher than in many Asian countries.

    Basic techniques of hair transplant in Holland

    The procedure for hair restoration involves shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. This surgery is very technical for the surgeon therefore the patient needs to be careful in his choice of a surgeon. The hair restoration surgery is done in two ways, the FUT method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method is one in which the hair is removed from the donor site, in the form of a strip and then this is dissected into smaller units and planted on the balding patch. The FUE method is more technical since it involves removal of a individual hair follicles which are planted on the bald area one by one. The method of FUE hair transplant in Holland is more popular since it produces very natural results and also ensures that the scalp remains scar less and therefore an undetectable finish is achieved. The whole procedure is simple for the patient since he remains conscious under the affect of local anesthesia. The surgeon has to carefully extract follicles or strip while making sure that all the hair extracted remains viable and grows properly once it is planted on the bald patch. Usually, hair is taken from the back of the head since the growth is always good in this region.

    Can body hair transplant in Holland possible?

    In some cases, that have extreme baldness, the surgeon might even take body hair in order to cover the bald patch. It is always advised that a person undergoing surgery must do some basic research before the operation so that the surgeon he chooses is one who suits him best. This is a very essential step since the work of the surgeon directly affects the success of the surgery. It is necessary to choose a surgeon that people recommend and hence one who has a high success rate.

    Hair transplant in Holland, Netherlands is performed the most advanced techniques and methods. However, the same kind of surgery results may be achieved at a much lower price in other countries like Pakistan.

    Male pattern baldness

    Male hair loss pattern

  • Hair Transplant Surgeon Belgium

    Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Brussels Belgium

    Hair transplant surgeon in Belgium one can find easily by seeing before and after procedure pictures and results. Belgium is a developed European country where the latest techniques of hair restoration are in use. However, a skilled doctor or surgeon is essential to achieve the best results. We shall observe what determines a surgeon’s expertise for best surgery, which is the most result yielding method. Hair implant surgery is the process of shifting hair from an area of good hair growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. This method is the most result yielding procedure of hair restoration while the non surgical methods are slow and require a long period of time to start showing results. The hair surgery shows full coverage of the scalp within a year’s time and hence people who have been suffering from hair loss turn to this method to ensure a stronger personality.


     Hair transplant Belgium Prices

    Hair transplants were initially done in the 1950s to cure abnormal baldness and hair loss resulting from accidents. The methods used then were not as advanced as the methods being used now. An average hair transplant surgeon in Belgium earn 30,000 to 55000 euro/month. The results of previous methods often produced unnatural results, which caused a bumpy scalp or hair appearing to grow out of a single follicle, like doll’s hair. These days, there are two primary methods of hair regaining like the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method is simpler since the hair is removed in the form of a strip and then dissected into smaller units which are planted on the bald scalp.

    Fue hair transplant in Brussels Belgium

    The FUE method is more technical and requires extraction of individual follicles which are then planted one by one on the bald patch. The FUE method requires a skillful and experienced surgeon since a major percentage of the result quality is dependent upon the surgeon’s skill. The hair being extracted need to be done in such a way that neither the surrounding hairs are damaged, nor is the extracted follicles destroyed. This is done if the surgeon has a good experience of surgery using this method. Besides expertise, the surgeon must possess an artistic hands that the follicles are planted in the same direction and pattern of the existing hair on the head. A good surgeon is one who can easily satisfy his patient and also makes him feel comfortable during the surgery.

    Hair Transplant Brussels Cost

    Hair transplant Brussels cost is 3 to 5 euro per graft, the surgeons are often not as experienced since many of the native patients travel to cheaper destinations for the same kind of results at a lower cost. On the contrary, countries like Pakistan, where there is a heavy influx of patients from all over the world, the surgeons are performing numerous procedures every day. This makes them more and more experienced and hence the patient feels more secure and comfortable.The surgeon always holds an initial consultation with his patient, this ensures that all aspects of surgery are discussed and the patient is at ease during the procedure. Similarly, the initial consultation helps the surgeon to eradicate any unrealistic goals in the patient’s mind. This further enhances the chances of a satisfied patient since they will be clear about the kind of results .The surgeons in Pakistan are famous for their friendly nature and this is a big quality and attracts more patients. It is always advised that before a surgery, the patient must look for a good surgeon who suits him best. The main factors of suitability are the cost and the final results and in case any one of them is not appropriate, the patient may not be satisfied fully. This is a reason that the surgeons in Pakistan are well reputed for their work. They provide the best results at a very reasonable cost.

    Hair transplant surgeon in Belgium are available at very high cost due to which many patients opt to get a surgery done from countries like Pakistan.

  • Hair Transplant Spain

    Where to get hair transplant in Spain? Whether follicular unit extraction is a best hair loss treatment or FUT preferred method. As mostly people prefer Fue hair restoration so mostly clinics in Spain offer scalpel free procedure. We shall observe what kinds of hair treatments are available in Spain.It is a developed country where the most modern facilities are available and this is valid for the field of medicine as well. However, procedures such as cosmetic surgeries are very sensitive and not only require a special surgeon but also cost more than ordinary medical treatments. Hair has always played an important part of a person’s appearance and therefore people take extra measures to prevent unhealthy baldness. With time, several methods to prevent hair loss have been formulated and are helpful to a million and more people to date. However, the most effective and hassle-free method is the hair transplant method. It is the shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no growth. This is done by removing hair with the help of sharp tools and then planting it on the bald patch.

    Hair transplant Barcelona Spain

    Hair transplant in Spain is done under local anesthesia therefore the patient is fully awake. There are of course a few factors that determine whether a surgery is good or poor. These factors are the surgeon’s skill, his expertise and the comfort level given to the patient. Both these things have a he impact on the results and therefore the patient is more satisfied. It is always better to get the cause of hair loss treated before applying any kind of hair restoration. Once the cause of hair loss is determined and cured, the person can proceed with the treatment. There are many non surgical methods of hair restoration such as laser therapy and use of Propecia and Minoxidil. These methods are very time consuming and laborious in terms of lengthy daily routines that need to be followed. For instance, the Minoxidil has to be massaged on the scalp every day in order to yield results and it does not show any change till three months of use. Additionally, if the person discontinues usage, the hair loss might recur. Another demerit of this is that the damage already done does not get covered, the usage only stops further hair fall. This is not very desirable for most people who lose interest and patience and eventually stop using the medicine. In this way, the hair restoration method is most popular since it shows full results within a period of one year. The previous methods of hair surgery were not as natural looking as the ones being practiced nowadays. Previously, the scalp appeared bumpy and the hair appeared to grow out of a single follicle like doll’s hair. Nowadays, two basic methods are in use, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. Both these methods give a natural finish but the FUE method is more technical and hence the quality of results is also better. The strip method involves extraction of hair in the form of a strip which is then dissected in to smaller units and planted on the scalp. This removal of strip leaves behind a scar on the donor site, which can be concealed by the surrounding hair length. The FUE method involves extraction of individual hair follicles which are then planted one by one on the bald patch. Since the incisions are very small and negligible, the final look of the scalp is one hundred percent natural and undetectable. In Spain, a person can easily look for a capable surgeon and get a quality surgery done at an exorbitant cost.

    Hair transplant cost in Spain is charged according to number of grafts, technique, clinic location and doctor repute. Doctors who have started their clinics recently after training or fellowship will charge you 3000 euro to 3500 euro. Those who have 3 to 5 years experience will charge 3500 euro to 5000 euro. There are experienced and well reputed hair restoration surgeons in Spain and they will charge you 10, 00 0 euro to 15000 euro.

    hair transplant cost Spain

    Hair transplant in Spain is done using the best techniques and in the most comfortable surgical environment however, the cost of this surgery is very high. A lot of Spanish people search on net and find cheap hair transplant in Pakistan or Thailand.

  • Hair Transplant Canada

    Hair transplant in Canada is performed by both FUE and FUT methods. Canada is one of the most established countries and hence is equipped with the latest techniques and technology. The medical facilities are of the highest standards and hence very expensive. The cosmetic surgeries such as hair transplantation are very popular but they are exorbitantly priced.

    Hair has always played an important role in the outlook of a person, be it man or woman. The lack of hair on the head can result in many serious complexes of the personality which lead to poor interaction with the outer world. This is why lack of hair and the reasons of this condition are explored and worked upon. Medical science has introduced various methods of hair restoration over the last century and these methods have been helping millions of people gain hair on the head and consequently gain confidence and respect. Out of all the methods and treatments, the most result yielding and efficient is the method of hair transplantation surgery. In countries like Canada, there are numerous surgeons, of Canadian origin as well as of other nationalities, who perform this surgery and can be consulted. However, the cost of this surgery is much higher than other medical treatments and hence in Canada it is out of reach of a large number of patients. This leads to an outflow of patients who seek the same kind of treatment in other parts of the world at a much cheaper cost. The costs of medical services are generally high in the United States and Canada since the rate of US Dollar and Canadian Dollar is very high. Apart from this, the taxes and insurance policies are even higher and therefore many surgeries become exorbitantly priced. Canada is a welfare state and therefore all the medical facilities there are almost free, but the cosmetic surgeries, which are not a serious life altering treatment and therefore not as necessary s the treatments related to basic health; they are very costly. A hair transplant is basically the shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no growth. This is done under the effect of local anesthesia by using two basic methods. The strip method is the removal of hair in the form of a strip, which is dissected in to smaller hair units and then planted on the bald patch. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is the extraction of individual hair follicles which are carefully removed from the donor site and then planted one by one on the recipient site. The wound of the strip removal is stapled together with the help of stainless steel staples made specifically for surgical purposes. This wound leaves a permanent scar which is then concealed with the help of adjusting length of the surrounding hair. The FUE method gives more natural results since there is no scar left from the surgery. This is most frequently demanded procedure of hair transplant in Canada and all over the world. Patients can see a full growth within a year of surgery which is phenomenal since other methods of hair restoration demand continuous daily routines and show very gradual results. Usually, it has happened that these treatments only stop further hair loss while the damage done is not reversed. Hair transplantation is the only procedure that ensures full coverage of the bald patch. Hair loss can be due to different reasons in different people therefore it is advised that a person interested in any form of treatment must first get the cause of hair loss cured. In case the problem has not been corrected, the patient may experience hair loss even after the surgery or treatment.

    Hair transplant in Canada is available at high prices. We have elaborated the current methods and result quality of the surgical procedure which can help patients in their process of hair restoration.

  • Hair Restoration Canada

    Hair restoration in Canada is for male and female pattern baldness. Hair loss has increased during recent years and in countries like Canada, where the diet is very refined and may be considered unhealthy, a large number of people suffer from hair loss. The medical research has resulted in introduction of several methods of hair regrowth. Canada is a developed country where the latest techniques and treatments are available for hair loss. The methods of hair regeneration may be non surgical such as the laser therapy or use of Minoxidil and Propecia. The laser therapy uses heat energy from laser to invigorate hair follicles which then become viable and a hair strand grows out of it. The use of Propecia and Minoxidil is to eradicate the formation of certain hormonal compounds which cause hair to become weak and fall out. However, these procedures are very slow and require daily routines to be followed. Patients often lose patience and eventually give up. This is why the surgical method of hair restoration in Canada is most popular. Patients can see maximum results within a year of surgery. The hair surgery is basically the shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor growth. This is an efficient procedure which yields good results and not only finishes hair fall but also covers the areas that have already been damaged. This method was initially used to treat patients who had irregular baldness due to accidental scars or burns. It was due to the successful results, that this procedure became a cosmetic treatment and since then millions of people have been able to improve their look by getting this surgery done. There are many countries where a hair restoration surgery is extremely expensive and out of reach of many people. Canada is one of these expensive destinations. In some cases, the patient has acute issues which need more care and caution due to which the procedure may cost more and this becomes out of reach of many people. Countries such as Pakistan, where there are cheap facilities available, are known for cheap hair loss treatments, while the results are amazingly successful. The percentage of satisfied customers is accelerating and this can be observed by studying the testimonials of various patients and the reputation of any surgeon can be judged by the information available on the website. The low cost of a procedure in Pakistan causes a huge influx of patients and this means that the surgeons there perform hundreds of cases every day. This adds to their experience and skill and hence they are more sought after than the surgeons of any country where the procedure is costly. Due to healthy competition among surgeons, the cost of the procedure may be lesser and this way the patient can benefit from the low cost. The surgeons performing hair transplantation have to be skilled and experienced but they also need an artistic hand in order to produce the results that appear natural and healthy. Apart from artistry, the surgeon has to possess a good nature so that the patient is at ease and can discuss any ambiguity in order to have a comfortable experience. It is easy for a person to contact a surgeon in Pakistan since the world has contracted through the use of the Internet. This makes the patient select a good surgeon and then arrange travel and accommodation plans. The hair regrowth method is available all over the world but in countries where there are more patients approaching the surgeons and this enhances the skills and expertise of the surgeons, hence making them more sought after.

    Hair restoration in Canada is done using various methods and techniques which are in accordance with the highest standards of medical practice.

    Hair restoration in Canada