• Will I Go Bald if My Dad is

    Will I Go Bald if My Dad is? Myths and Realities

    Men often have this issue that will I go bald if my father is? Let’s learn a little bit about baldness. What is baldness? Baldness is a critical condition of hair fall that includes a lot of Hair fall during combing, washing and sifting hands through them. Now, there are many researches which are held about the genetics and gene relation of baldness. Let’s discuss them whether there is any relation of genes in baldness of just a myth.

    Myths of getting bald:

    There’s a rumor that goes in a market sounding like this, “Your chances of hair loss are not related to the genes of your mother’s father”. The chances that you get hair loss genes from your mother are only 50% as she was just the half pie. There are equal chances that you may get genes from your father! Hair loss genes can be inherited from either of your parents. A long time ago, there was a way to find out that either you are going to get bald or not; that was looking at the pictures of your ancestors. Now, there have been lots of researches and doctors can just take a medical check-up and tell you the odds you may go bald.

    Medical reasons behind baldness:

    “Will I go bald if my dad is?” is there any medical reasons behind this phrase? There could be many medical reasons that you may go bald. One of the reasons could be malnutrition. If you are not getting proper healthy diet then there are high chances that you will be bald. One of the many reasons also includes inheritance. Now, what is inheritance? Simply, inheritance would be the tendency of getting genes from your parents. According to scientists, there are a lot of chances that you can have genetic code of baldness gotten from your parents. If one of your parents or both of them have either baldness or tendency to lose hair, then yes there is a medical reason behind this phrase: “will I go bald if my dad is?”

    What can you do?

     Now that we know that there is a high chance that you may go bald if your dad is, then what are the preventive measures you can opt to control this. Well, if you have inherited the hair loss genes then there is pretty much nothing you can do BUT there could be possible ways you can delay or partially stop this. You can either take proper diet with full of vitamin E or go for PRP hair loss therapy. There have been researches that you can suppress your hair fall gene but then again at the end you have to face the bitter reality. People also opt for heavy expensive wigs and extensions that will completely cover the bald areas on your head. This is usually done the people who are either less bald or their tendency to hair loss is less.

    Topical creams, lotions and sprays have also proven effective in inherited hair loss. Doctors and dermatologists test the skin of scalp of their patients and then prescribe them lotions & sprays according to their conditions.

    Will I go bald if my dad is? May be, If you have inherited the hair fall genes from your father and they are dominant then yes if not then you can have a tension free life. But frankly let’s face the fact that now almost every person is going bald and it no more considered as your fault. It is genetic! No need to worry as there is least invasive hair restoration technique called FUE hair transplant and this procedure will regrow your lost hair permanently.

  • what is cost of haier tarnsplant in pakistan

    what is cost of hair transplant in Pakistan? First of all let me correct those people who spell two words wrongly. The correct word is hair instead of hair and similarly second word is transplant instead of transplant. If we now write this sentence it would be ” what is cost of hair transplant in Pakistan? ” The simple answer is between 450000 to 150,000 Pak rupee. There is too much variation in the prices due to various reasons. Hair restoration clinic established recently have less price as hair treatment doctors will be new in this field and in the process of learning and therefore their prices would be less. If you select some experienced hair restoration surgeon  or best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan ,due to high demand and persistently working hard, his charges will be high as compared to rest of clinics and doctors in the country.

  • Hair Techniques Popular Pakistan

    Hair techniques popular in Pakistan- Pakistan is a sub-continental country with a developing economy. The methods of hair restoration which are extremely expensive are not too popular due to a small number of people who can afford it.

    Hair loss is an issue that affects people all over the world. In Pakistan also, a large number of people suffer from baldness and look for ways to conceal their bald patches. Hair transplant surgery is by far the best method of hair restoration and that is why people often want to turn to this method for covering their hair problems. The hair implant surgery costs around Rs 70,000 to Rs 200,000. This is many times lesser than the cost of surgery in other countries but for a country like Pakistan, where people are not very affluent, this cost is still very high. Due to this, a smaller number of people can turn to this surgery. Saying this does not mean that a very small number of people can get it, but in fact, it means that a significant percentage of people suffering from hair loss opt for non surgical methods while believing that they cost less. In Pakistan, all kinds of methods are used. From oil massages to application of Minoxidil and Propecia to hair replacement surgery, all methods are very popular. The hair restoration surgery has been made further affordable as a result of healthy competition among surgeons. This is why the number of surgery patients is continuously increasing. Hair pieces have also been in use for a very long time in Pakistan. The hair patch also conceals bald patches completely but this method involves the sticking of a hair patch on the scalp using a skin-friendly adhesive. The few hair under the patch are shaved off therefore after a few days the scalp gets itchy and irritates the skin. The use of oils and medicines is also very gradual and the results are always so late that patients often lose interest and patience.  Homoeopathic, allopathic as well as surgical medicine offers solutions to restore hair. So far, surgical methods have showed the best results since the growth on bald patches has been robust. Apart from this, Propecia stops the formation of a hormonal composition that hinders hair growth in men. When consumed, it invigorates the hair follicles, making them more energetic and able to produce hair, while it effectively stops the production of dihydro testosterone (DHT) which is a hormonal composition that creates hindrance in normal hair growth cycle. Once an individual starts taking Propecia, and the hormonal balances return, hair loss is stopped and new hair begin to grow. Minoxidil can be used by people of both genders and is massaged onto the bald patch. This massaging motion causes blood to circulate more and hence better nutritional supply to the hair follicles. Not only an increase in nutrients is seen but Minoxidil also opens up potassium channels, invigorating the hair follicle and hence boosting proper hair growth. As many people know now, hair loss surgery uses the present hair on the head or body and shifts them to the bald patch. This procedure is done under the effect of local anesthesia and requires a good surgeon. The skills and experience of a surgeon play an integral part in the final result of surgery. In Pakistan, there re several surgeons for hair transplantation who are not only famous in the country but also in other countries. It is easy for a patient to approach a surgeon in Pakistan. Many times, the amicable and extremely devoted surgeons give discounts to some patients whom they feel deserve it. This makes the patient and surgeon develop a good relationship which maximizes the results of surgery.

    Popular hair transplant techniques in Pakistan

    Hair techniques popular in Pakistan are the ones which have proven to be result yielding while being economical as well. Hair transplant in Pakistan is by far the best method of hair restoration due to its everlasting results.

  • Hair Transplant Perth

    Hair transplant in Perth Australia- people of this beautiful city have full right to get maximum discount on hair restoration procedure. We offer best packages and deals from 2000 to 4000$ for mega session of Fue procedure. Hair loss has become an issue during recent years and there are many methods of hair restoration that have been helping people. Perth is the capital of Western Australia and has the latest techniques and methods of hair restoration to offer its people.

    Perth is a developed city in the Western Australian region and has the most developed social set up. It has many qualified and skilled surgeons and doctors who practice the hair restoration methods. People are suffering from hair loss everywhere in the world and the techniques to regenerate hair growth or to cover baldness are being used in almost every city. The most beneficial method of hair regeneration is the hair  surgery. This method involves the shifting or replanting of hair after removing them from an area of good hair growth. In men and women alike, this method has produced miraculous results and has become the most popular procedure of cosmetic surgery. Perth is a popular destination for this procedure since Australia is home for the latest and most popular technique of surgery. The follicular unit extraction (FUE) method was first introduced in Australia and has helped millions of people cover baldness and feels better. However, the cost of any procedure in any country makes it more or less frequent. In Perth, the cost of a hair loss surgery is much higher than n countries such as Pakistan. Pakistan is well known for the quality of hair implantation and there are many surgeons there who are capable of restoring hair to help the patient look younger and feel better. The procedure is judged by the type of result it produces just as any procedure’s success is directly shown through its results. However, the best hair transplant in Perth or all of the world  is undetectable by anyone and gives such a natural look that people can never conclude on their own what has been done on the scalp. A good procedure cannot even be detected by a hair stylist. It may be a simple procedure in terms of the clinical environment and local anesthesia effect under which it is performed but in terms of work and the skill needed it is a tough procedure. The surgeon has to choose the right placement and has to plant the hair follicles or strip units to ensure that the natural hair pattern is being followed so that the transplanted area does not look different from the rest of the head. Additionally, the direction of hair growth and the color of the surrounding hair also add or subtract from the natural look produced. The reason why only a minority of hair  surgeons do truly state of the art procedure is because the most advanced procedures and techniques require very high levels of skill, experience, and staff time. To achieve a high level of quality, a clinic typically needs a large and well trained staff that is dedicated to doing hair transplants exclusively. However, the hair restoration clinics that do make these investments are able to provide their patients with naturalness and fullness in only one surgical session. Apart from this the surgeons ensure rapid healing since the follicles have been planted carefully and do not require a long period to set in. Skilled surgeons also ensure optimal use of their limited donor hair since the hair follicles they extract are a used for the procedure. less-skilled doctors might destroy the hair follicle while extracting or by prolonging the break between extraction and plantation. If planted after a long period of time, the hair follicle has a chance of losing viability and therefore will be of no use. Many clinics are not willing to dedicate the time and resources to develop this optimal capability since it appears a hassle for someone who does not have the expertise needed to perform a good surgical hair replacement procedure. It is recommended that a candidate selects a surgeon who has a proven track record of excellent hair transplant results.

    Hair transplant in Perth is done using the latest techniques and methods. The follicular unit extraction (FUE) method was first introduced in Australia and hence Perth is a popular destination for this surgery.

  • Pakistan hair transplant cost

    Pakistan hair transplant Procedure cost

    It is a normal question when some hair loss patient visit to some specialist or clinic for treatment. How much does Pakistan hair transplant Procedure cost? Hair transplant cost is cheap as compared to hair loss surgery cost in UK,Canada ,Australia and USA. Pakistan is a country where hair restoration cost is lesser than a lot of other countries where the standard of the procedure and the technology used are the same as in Pakistan. If a hair surgery costs around 10,000 Euros in Europe or in the United states, it will cost only around 4,000 Euros in Pakistan. The surgeons available in Pakistan are experienced since there is not a very large number of experts as compared to the number of people who demand hair treatments. This is a reason that all the surgeons are performing hair implant on a daily basis, and that too by performing numerous procedures per day. The cost of hair surgery is usually dependent on the extent of hair follicles that are transplanted. In case of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), in which individual hair follicles are extracted from an area of hair growth and planted on to a bald patch, the cost of the procedure depends on the number of hair grafts planted. Some surgeons in Pakistan might provide with a cost per hair graft and this is more or less the same for every patient. However, some surgeons might first observe the medical conditions of the patient and after reviewing all the factors, he might alter his cost per graft. In both cases, it is a general trend that  hair transplant cost  in Pakistan is much cheaper than many other countries.

    There are many reasons which contribute to the cost of the procedures. For instance, the power cost, clinical equipment, technicians’ fees and the cost of the place where the procedure is performed. All these factors are cheaper in Pakistan than in other parts of the world and hence the price of a procedure in Pakistan costs much less. Apart from this, the professional relationship between a surgeon and patient in other countries is very impersonal due to which a patient cannot expect any kind of discounts and reductions that the surgeons in Pakistan provide. Apart from this, the simple rule of demand and supply is also valid here. Since a large number of people demand hair transplant in Pakistan and the number of surgeons is lesser; the fierce competition makes them reduce their prices in order to attract more patients. Other than this, many offers and discounts are offered occasionally, like just before celebrations season or for people who are getting married. These kinds of offers are usually successful in attracting people who have been contemplating to get a low cost hair transplant in Pakistan done in order to restore their hair and in turn restore their self confidence and esteem.

    Such kind of male pattern baldness requires 2-3 sessions.One mega session will cover frontal area and second session would cover crown or vertex area. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry also takes donor area from chest,body and beard for such type of hair loss in Pakistan.