Cheapest hair transplant in the world

Cheapest hair transplant in the world is being performed in Lahore Pakistan. Hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan 70% less than cost in UK France USA Canada Germany Australia and Norway. Patient from all over the world come here for quality but cheapest hair transplantation surgery, FUE hair restoration as well as strip hair transplants.Where can one get cheapest hair transplant in the world? Definitely when you search and find very few countries where hair transplant is offered at cheapest rates. The reason behind this low cost hair restoration surgery is poor or developing economy, less taxes and subsidy from Government to promote medical tourism in the country. What is an average cost for Fue hair transplant in Pakistan, Turkey, Poland and India. These countries offer very low prices and one can find prices range from 500$ to 2000$. These prices are very reasonable and many people travel to Pakistan for high conversion rate of Pak rupee against Dollars or Pounds.

Cheapest hair transplant in the world

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  1. ihsan /

    I heard its Cheapest in Pakistan on many blogs people has done FUE in Pakistan..which was excelent Job done no body can recognize the hair transplant.
    can some one tell how much is 2000 graft cost in pakistan.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hi, you are right,hair transplant cost in Pakistan is cheaper as compared to other countries.For 2000 follicles by Fue method, average cost will be 1800- 2000 euro by expert hands and for new learner cost might be less but you would have unsatisfactory result.

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