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Hair Transplant Amsterdam- Netherlands

Hair transplant Amsterdam Netherlands is performed by hair restoration surgeons. This procedure can restore scalp hair through FUT as well as FUE procedure. However Fue hair transplant in Holland is offered most of clinic due to its popularity and minimal invasive nature.The price starts from 5000 euro to 15000 euro for follicular unit extraction procedure. Customers search on internet and find same procedure cost in Pakistan and Thailand between 2000 to 4000 euro. In Holland, medical sector is strong but the cost of many treatments is high. Holland is a developed European country and like other countries , it has the latest techniques and facilities available for its people.

Hair Transplant cost in Holland -Netherlands

The cosmetic procedures are generally much more expensive than the usual medical treatments and that is why in Holland, there are not a high number of surgeons and doctors for such surgeries. There are several medical centers and clinics which have multi-national branches in other countries as well as Holland, but the cost of their medical services is out of reach for many people. Hair loss has become an increasing issue during the recent past and therefore the demand for procedures such as hair restoration has increased as well. In Holland, many people suffer from this problem and search good surgeons but since the cost of such technical procedures is high in their country, many patients move to other countries such as Pakistan. Pakistan has become a popular destination for many patients from all over the world due to its cheaper medical facilities. Netherlands, Holland and other European countries have always been more expensive in terms of medical facilities since the currency rates and fee for surgeons and clinics is very high. The high taxes and insurance policies are also a factor that causes prices to be higher than in many Asian countries.

Basic techniques of hair transplant in Holland

The procedure for hair restoration involves shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. This surgery is very technical for the surgeon therefore the patient needs to be careful in his choice of a surgeon. The hair restoration surgery is done in two ways, the FUT method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method is one in which the hair is removed from the donor site, in the form of a strip and then this is dissected into smaller units and planted on the balding patch. The FUE method is more technical since it involves removal of a individual hair follicles which are planted on the bald area one by one. The method of FUE hair transplant in Holland is more popular since it produces very natural results and also ensures that the scalp remains scar less and therefore an undetectable finish is achieved. The whole procedure is simple for the patient since he remains conscious under the affect of local anesthesia. The surgeon has to carefully extract follicles or strip while making sure that all the hair extracted remains viable and grows properly once it is planted on the bald patch. Usually, hair is taken from the back of the head since the growth is always good in this region.

Can body hair transplant in Holland possible?

In some cases, that have extreme baldness, the surgeon might even take body hair in order to cover the bald patch. It is always advised that a person undergoing surgery must do some basic research before the operation so that the surgeon he chooses is one who suits him best. This is a very essential step since the work of the surgeon directly affects the success of the surgery. It is necessary to choose a surgeon that people recommend and hence one who has a high success rate.

Hair transplant in Holland, Netherlands is performed the most advanced techniques and methods. However, the same kind of surgery results may be achieved at a much lower price in other countries like Pakistan.

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